What is in Sevent Flower Extract?
Sevent Flower Extract contains Chrysanthemum flower, Honeysuckle flower, Sophora Japonica flower, Brunella flower , Nodo Ginseng flower, Water Fairy flower, and Black Moss flower.

How does Sevent Flower Extract work?
Seven (Sevent) Flower Extract works by relaxing the nervous system and consequently reducing the stress on the cardiovascular system.

How much should I take?
The recommended dose for a diastolic blood pressure greater than 100 is 3 tablets in the morning and 3 tablets before bed. For mild elevation of greater than 90, one tablet in the morning and 2 tablets in the evening suggested.

Should I start/stop my prescribed medication?
Seven (Sevent) Flower Extract may be taken with prescription medication, but it can also work on its own without prescription medication. Monitoring of blood pressure is suggested and is a good idea to have a healthcare professional work with you in your transition from prescription medication to any nutritional supplement, including Seven Flower.

Sevent Flower Extract

Sevent Flower Extract is a Chinese formula used originally to calm. It has a very tranquilizing effect, and has been used by many for years as a sleep aid. It also has a benefit of reducing mild to moderate blood pressure to relatively normal levels. Some people like to use it specially for reducing blood pressure since it does not cause the side effects associated with many blood pressure medications.

Does Seven (Sevent) Flower Extract cause any side effects?
The only side effect that has been reported is some drowsiness which is expected given that seven flower induces good sleep. A key to its effective usage is to keep the doses low enough not to induce fatigue or tiredness while attaining a reasonable blood pressure level.